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Large Curtis Jere Artisan House Raindrops Sculpture

"Raindrops" brutalist-style wall-hanging sculpture, Los Angeles, 1975.
Patinated and chromed metal. Signed and dated.

Height: 30, Width: 60, Depth: 9
Ref. #5015
Monumental Sculpture, Brzilian Carving of a Fish

Exquisite large scale Brazilian wood carving of a fish. Modern handworked exotic wood sculpture depicting a tropical or game fish in motion, mounted on a wood base.

Height: 24, Width: 39.5, Depth: 15
Ref. #5020
"Knot for You" Monumental Oil on Board

Impressive 1970's oil on board pop art, representing a well executed cut-out of a "knot", rendered on wood with black and white detail. Titled "Knot for You", artist signed and dated..

Height: 48, Width: 84, Depth: 1
American - 20th. C.
REF. # 6005
"knot for you" Oil on Board
Large Figurative Sculpture by William Dickey King

20th Century
Standing sculpture by William "Dickey" King. King is known for his figurative sculptures which represent a touch of humor and whimsy. He has exhibited at many prominent galleries across the country and his sculptures are in collections at the Whitney, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim, and also in many private collections. He's a Florida native, born 1925, however has lived mostly in New York City.

Vinyl over metal.

Height: 42
REF. # 6006
Wiliam Dickey King Sculpture
Large Op Art Sculpture by Leonard Jenklow

Leonard Janklow - (1919-2006)

An Acrylic/ Lucite op art sculpture by Leonard Janklow
An early Example of Janklow.

height: 22.5 in., depth: 12 in., width/length: 12 in.
REF. # 6007

Leonard Janklow Sclupture
Modernist Solid Steel Bird House by Albert Wilson

United States
Albert Leon Wilson (1920)

Fantastic solid steel sculpture depicting a weathered bird house. Signed, dated and numbered.

Height: 8, Width: 3.5, Depth: 4
REF. # 6008

Albert Wilson Sculpture
Pair of Large Glass & Iron Sculptures by Erik Höglund For Boda

Erik Hoglund,
Boda Nova Glassworks,
Axel Stromberg Ironworks,
Swedish -

Cast glass Sculptures supported and suspended within enameled steel frames.
Signed (Boda).

Height: 22, Height2: 21, Width: 8.25" Depth: 4.5
REF. # 6009
Erik Hugland Kosta Boda Glass
Large Signed Abstract Expressionist Watercolor

c. 1970's - 1980's

Large scale original colorist painting in watercolor on paper. Offset for depth and framed in a white wash wood frame, and matted in fabric with glossy red border. Extremely vivid and striking colors. Signed. We're also offering another piece by the same artist.

REF. # 6010
Abstract Expressionist Watercolor #1
Parisian Girls - Series of Three Oils by Guido Ferro

Guido Ferro
An amazing early series of three paintings, oil on canvas depicting "streetwalkers" on Parisian streets near hotels and bars. Details of the 1950's women and scenery are striking. Signed and initialed. One dated 1953. Two 13 1/2" x 10 1/2", one 9 1/2" x 7 1/2". Unframed.

Height: 10.5, Width: 13.5
REF. # 6011
Guido Ferro Paintings
Large Signed Abstract Expressionist Acrylic & Watercolor

c. 1970's - 1980's
Large scale original painting in watercolor and acrylic on paper. Offset for depth and framed in a white wash wood frame, and matted in fabric with glossy red border. Very striking colors. Signed. We're also offering another piece by the same artist.

REF. # 6012
Abstract Expressionist Acrylic #2
Unique Jigsaw Puzzle Photograph by Cindy Sherman

American - c. 1990
Cindy Sherman Jigsaw Puzzle - b. 1954
From an addition of 50
Multiple Chromogenic photographs adhered to wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces. Wooden box is adhered with the photograph of the puzzle.
Provenance: Private Collection, Phillips de Pury & Company (tagged)

Height: 14.75, Width: 22.25
REF. # 6013
Cindy Sherman
Cubist Art Series by Max Papart

20th Century
Max Papart - 1911 - 1994
Colorful series of 4 limited edition Carborundum Gravure prints on handmade paper, mixed media with deckled edges and applied pieces. Shadow boxed in plexiglass. Image size 22" w x 18" h. Pencil signed L/rt., numbered L/lt. 4/125

Height: 21.5, Height2: 18, Width: 26, Depth: 3
REF. # 6014
Max Papart

Life Size Tree Sculpture by Curtis Jere

Life size tree sculpture made of the silver "raindrop" discs that Jere is famously noted for, and they form the branches that extend from the silver painted wood tree trunk. The trunk is attached to foam inside a silver pot which gets topped with river rocks or other stones of your choice for added weight and to hide the foam. This sculpture is rare to find with the silver discs and has several possibilities... it can be taken out of the base and foam and modified to fit on a wall as a stunning and dramatic wall sculpture.

height: 6 ft. 6 in., depth: 20 in., width/length: 48 in.
REF. # 6015
Curtis Jere Tree Sculpture
Abott Pattison Sculpture

c. 1970's
Brass sculpture in abstract form on marble base - Signed

Height: 19.5"
REF. # 6016
Abott Pattison Brass Sculpture
Monotype by Matt Phillips 1977

Matt Phillips - b.1927
"Fragmentary View, Guatemala Market"
Signed & Dated with Gallery Label

Matt Phillips was born in New York city in 1927 and studied at the University of Chicago and the Barnes Foundation in PA. Phillips reputation as an important 20th Century artist is due to his revival of the "Monotype" technique that was mostly popular in the 19th Century with artists such as Degas and Gauguin. Matt Phillips work is included in major collections such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art and the Phillips collection in Washington, D.C., The Whitney, and the Art Institute of Chicago among many others. We have two other pieces, and one from the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C.

Provenance: Marilyn Pearl Gallery, New York - Private Collection

Height: 33.25, Width: 26.25
REF. # 6017
Matt Phillips Monotype
Large Wooden Sculpture in the style of Louise Nevelson

c. 1970's

Wooden sculpture titled "Marilyn", was commissioned by "Sweet Co." for an ad campaign in 1972. Various mediums are used to include wooden spindles, rubber, hangers, and various other objects.

Height: 60, Width: 34, Depth: 9
REF. # 6018
Sweet Co. Sculpture
Massive 1960's Abstract Oil on Canvas by Dorothy Gillespie

c. 1960's
Dorothy Gillespie (b. 1915)
Abstract Expressionist oil on Canvas is from a 1963 exhibition at the Instituto De Arte Contemporaneo, Lima, Peru.

Ms. Gillespie studied with Stanley William Hayter's famous "Atelier 17" in New York, and has works in many private collections and museums worldwide. Two additional pieces are available from an exhibition at the Miami Museum of Modern Art. Please inquire.

Height: 55, 108" Wide
Dorothy Gillespie oil Painting
Unique Kinetic Sounding Sculpture

c. 1970's
Very unique sounding sculpture depicting an array of various cattails sculpted with copper metal and formed within copper tubes at the base. The sculpture can be reduced or increased in width by bending the stalks.

Height: 36, Diameter: 36
REF. # 6019
Kenetic Cattail Sculpture
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